Jurnal Nasional Terakreditasi

Jurnal Nasional Terakreditasi

STI (Science, Technology and Innovation) Policy and Management is a scientific journal aimed to discuss theoretical and practical issues in science and technology policy for economic competitiveness, research and development management and innovation management. Researchers, academicians and practicioners in those areas are welcomed to send manuscripts to this journal. The Editor accepts an article or a book review in STI policy, and Management. Two volumes are published in a year (July and December).


Journal History

The history of STI Policy and Management Journal  spans back over 35 years.  It was started 1979 with the publication of Indonesian R&D Management Magazine (Warta Pengelolaan Penelitian dan Pengembangan) published four  time a year and contains only articles related to R&D Management.  The magazine was functioned as media for communication and knowledge sharing for the participants of   R&D Management courses and trainings. At that time it was the only scientific magazine on R&D Management.  In 1990, the R&D Management magazine then transformed into National R&D Management Journal, published two times a year  with contained many articles on R&D management, innovation management, and  R&D commercialization.  The journal continued until 2002.  In early 2003,  the title of journal changed from R&D Management Journal into  S&T Policy and R&D Management Journal (Warta Kebijakan Iptek dan Manajemen Litbang). The new title reflected the coverage of journal also contained S&T policy related  issues.  The journal published diverse articles, not only concerning on S&T policy and R&D management, but also articles related to management of technology and innovation policy. It contained in fact scholarly reviewed articles on STI policy and management.

In 2015, S&T Policy and R&D Management Journal (Warta Kebijakan Iptek dan Manajemen Litbang) not only published as printed journal, but also published as online journal, www.wartakiml.pappiptek.lipi.go.id.

Starting from 2016, the title of journal (first printed and on line journal on July 2016)  has changed  into STI (Science, Technology and Innovation) Policy and Management, www.stipmjournal.org.  Focus and area of concerns are remain the same, the value of new title are: first, it truly reflects the actual coverege of journal, and second, the status of journal lifted up to become an international journal. The journal editors are prominent reviewers in their expertises on STI policy and management and  come from various academic affiliations in five continents.

ISSN 1907-9753 (print); ISSN 2407-8271 (online) 
Accreditation Number: 622/AU3/P2MI-LIPI/03/2015

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